Clipston Endowed VC Primary School

Our Curriculum

We are Readers and Writers!
Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Communication are vitally important skills to learn. We supplement our teaching with resources and strategies such as Reading Eggs, Literacy Shed, Talk 4 Writing, Jane Considine’s scaffolding, and Spellodrome. Visiting authors e.g. Isabel Thomas, stimulate children’s writing development. Others such as Sue Bentley encourage summer reading challenges. Children’s work is valued for example through events such as Exhibition Day.

The Curriculum at Great Creaton
In developing the curriculum, our fundamental principle is that the children in our community should be provided with opportunities that extend far beyond English and Maths. Learning should be broad, balanced and stimulating, exposing children to experiences beyond the “everyday classroom” in order that they are well prepared for the next stage of their educational journey. You can see and find out more about Our Curriculum in a real, every day sense,  via Twitter @creatonprimary which is available to all on the Home Page.

 We are Mathematicians!
We supplement our teaching and interventions with resources such as WhiteRose Maths, Maths No Problem!, Maths Hub and those from the National College for the Excellent Teaching of Maths to facilitate Problem Solving, Reasoning and Fluency in Maths. Children have access to Mathletics which is an online resource, facilitated by your child’s teacher, to use at home. We have a Maths Specialist Teacher and children have the opportunity to engage in Maths Challenges via our links to Robert Smyth STEM projects.

We are developing Personally & Socially!
We use a variety of resources to support children’s personal, social, moral and emotional development, linked to the individual needs of the children in our school. Outside agencies support our work e.g. the NSPCC and our local PCSO. Our pupil led School Council also supports this process and our school pets are very well loved and cared for! Our aim is to support a developing understanding of British Values, civic engagement and nurture a flourishing child who is a happy, fulfilled, resilient and contributory member of wider society.

We learn about different religions!
We adhere to the Northamptonshire Agreed Religious Education Syllabus, supplemented with Discovery RE and Understanding Christianity. We adopt a rolling programme so that all children are immersed in discovering one of the six main religions twice during their time in Year 1 to Year 6. Children experience celebrations in church, Prayer Spaces, Open The Book assemblies and a variety of visitors to enrich their understanding of World Religions. A local Imam visited us and KS2 recently visited a mosque.

We are Sporty and Healthy!
We are fortunate to have on our staff experienced Sports Coaches who deliver all aspects of P.E. both during weekly lessons and at Sports Clubs. In addition we are members of the local Sports Partnership and thus the children experience a variety of competitive and non-competitive sports. Our Sports Crew leads extra physical activities at lunch times and we also learn about health and well-being as part of the Change4Life programme. As well as swimming, we enjoy trying new activities e.g. watersports, climbing, archery & snowsports.

We are Artists and Designers!
We teach Art, Design and Technology through Topics, Themes and Enrichment Days. Recent learning has included Art and Technology links to a discussion about water in Africa, habitats in the rainforests, oceans and seas, Dragons depicted in books, as well as exploring the artist Beatriz Milhazes

We are learning to be “Computing Savvy!”
Children are taught skills in computing through the Rising Stars “Switched on Computing” scheme. Children run a lunchtime Coding Club. We also teach children how to be safe on-line and what to do if they have made a mistake on-line or feel worried.

We are learning about other languages!
In Key Stage 2 the children are taught French using the Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work. In addition children may also learn about other languages as part of their topic.

We are Discoverers and Explorers!
We teach History and Geography through Topics and Themes. The children enrich their learning experience through trips and visits each year and these often provide a Super Start or a Fabulous Finish to a Topic or Theme. Examples of trips and visits include Zoolab, Rutland Environment Day, The Farm, Viking Day, Train Trips, Mr Nasir, Hazard Alley, Coton Manor, Kelmarsh Hall, and Everdon Outdoor Day.

 We are Scientists!
We are very fortunate to be a part of the Ogden Trust Science Hub and as such the children have access to exciting out of the classroom learning such as the science labs at a local secondary school, space camps, competitions and events. Pupils attend The Science Conference every year. We also use an online resource called Developing Experts to bring real-life Science into the classroom.

We are Performers and Musicians!
In addition to performing in plays and celebrations, children in KS2 enjoy an annual 10 week professional music programme facilitated through the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust. Children also have the opportunity to experience a “Once in a Lifetime Event” such as Young Voices during KS2, as well as workshops such as Indian dance. Every year the children go to the Pantomime.

On this page you can find the National Curriculum coverage for the year groups in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two as well as the Early Years Foundation Stage

You can find more detailed information about some curriculum areas, such as Spelling, under specific tabs on the Information Page.

In addition, termly detailed Topic Plans for each class can be found on the Meet Us page, where you can obtain an overview of the broad and balanced curriculum your child will experience at Great Creaton Primary School and the exciting opportunities and activities our teachers plan to facilitate your child’s learning, progress and development in preparation for the next stage of their educational journey.

Early Years Foundation Curriculum

Year 1 and 2 - Robin Class

Year 3 to 6 - Owl Class