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Welcome to Owls Class

Owl ClassWelcome to Owl Class! We are a Key Stage 2 class and our teacher is Mrs Smith. Mrs Randall also helps in our class.

This year in Owls we are starting with the theme ‘Myths and Legends’.

The children will be immersed into our topic through exploration of mythical creatures and the ancient Greek gods, using their reasoning skills to create a quiz for fellow classmates and solve problems for ancient Greek citizens.

Our reading and writing this term, will focus around Greek myths and their legendary heroes before transporting back to the modern day to see how the mythical creatures faced by our heroes are dealt with by today’s legend hunters in Shane Heggarty’s ‘Darkmouth’. Finally, we step into role as dragonologists to study these magnificent beasts.

So how does the body of a hero work? What helped our heroes to overcome their trials? Our science themes of animals, including humans, and forces will help us to answer these questions.

We will be continuing our theme, exploring the ancient Greek empire and comparing it to Europe today, discovering what it was like to be a citizen, and the ways in which the ancient Greeks have impacted on our world today.

Using our knowledge of this era and the dilemma’s faced by the heroes; we will design our own mythological board game, sculpt our own Greek amphora and study Holst’s ‘The Planets’. (Did you know…? Many of the planets are named for Greek gods.) A great start to the year by all, with lots of excitement to come! 

Each week we share photographs and our learning through Facebook, Twitter. Our weekly newsletter, which is sent out by email, keeps you informed of events in school. A resume of the learning that has taken place each week is written down on our Homework Sheet and you can find examples of our learning by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page and by looking at our Twitter feed @CreatonPrimary or liking our Facebook page.

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